Export of data from Barbal

We have received an export of the issues and comments for OKH v1 that were on the Barbal platform.

I’ve imported the data into an Airtable base here: Airtable - OKH Barbal Export

The “issues > gallery” view (which should be the one that opens by default when you click on the link) show all of the issues as cards which I hope will make it easy to browse and filter them.

I linked the comments and user tables to the issues so that you can see who proposed the issue and who commented what by opening the issue’s card (and clicking through to the comment if present).

I would suggest that if you spot any issues that you feel still need to be considered by the Working Group then please add them as a new change request under the #okh:iop-okh-change-proposals category on this forum (referencing the original issue number on Barbal?)

Some of the comments in the export were linked to issue ID’s that were not in the issues export, so I created a “placeholder” issue with ID 999999 and linked the “orphan” comments to it.

Please let me know if you’d like a different layout for the data, or if you’d like edit access to the Airtable. If you want the raw data, you should be able to download it from the Airtable, or I can send you a zip file if you prefer.


Great, thanks max!
… way to much to go through now for me, but I already found quite a few good ones, only while skimming through.

(as a reference: We also have the issues on the OKH-LOSH repo)

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