Democracy and A.I.– The Encroaching Machine: Reframing Rights in the Age of A.I. - Recording Now Available

How can public interest values shape the future of artificial intelligence (AI)? That’s one of the questions panelists from Creative Commons, Internet Archive and Wikimedia Foundation considered during a thought-provoking webinar on the use of AI in cultural heritage last week.

The session recording is now available for viewing.

UChicago News produced an article that recaps the event: “How do we define human rights in the age of A.I.?”

And finally, here are a few resources shared during the webinar:

Extracting Words Sung on 100 year-old 78rpm records

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AI Audio Challenge at the Internet Archive

Wikilegal/Copyright Analysis of ChatGPT

Better Sharing for Generative AI

Creative Commons AI blog posts

Movement for a Better Internet

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