Decision-making structure - IoP Alliance governance workstream

This thread is to host conversations on workstream 2 of the IoPA governance design process. Comprehensive information on what that is and how to participate is here.

This thread relates to this section of that process document.

Overall discussion is here.

In the last WG meeting we agreed I would arrange a dedicated session for discussion & co-work on the decision making structures. I actually think it would be useful to put in two sessions - the first for discussion as we agreed, the second as more of a co-working session to develop proposals before the next full WG meeting on 21st Feb.
My suggested dates/ times are:
Tues 31st Jan @15.00 - 16.30 UTC
Tues 14th Feb @15.00 - 16.00 UTC

If you would like to attend but that time doesn;t work for you then let me know and we can work something out.

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Thanks all who joined the call today - we had some interesting & thought provoking discussions. We used this Miro board: Sign up | Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration
We spent a little bit of time thinking about the question of member selection, acknowledging that this is very important for the decision making structures conversation and we really need someone to take the lead on making progress on that workstream! We then went back to the question of decision making structures, and are leaning in the direction of a representative democracy using the model previously shared with the Governance TF on 20 Dec 2022 as a starting point for discussion.

We have a follow on session scheduled for 2 weeks today, Tuesday 14th Feb, at 15.00 UTC. Please let us know (1) If you would like to attend that session but don’t have the invitation; or (2) If you would like to be part of the discussion but can’t make that day/time.
Following that discussion session, we hope to have an outline model of decision making structure to take back to the full Governance Taskforce meeting on 21st Feb.

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