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Exploring IoPA Working Approaches

Finding common ground: Begin by identifying kinds of contexts where agency in forms of cooperation and coordination happens. Look broadly at strategies that occur across common kinds of complex social contexts and interactions.

  1. Relationship and Understanding: Identify the types of relationships and understandings that emerge in these contexts.
  2. Raw Events: Recognize the raw, meaningful events that happen within these interactions.
  3. Where you were in Moment –X–: Specific moments when you were actively immersed in a situation.

Participating in InFusion Space Modelling

Defining where you were, serves as the way to relate to InFusion Space and undertake the Modelling process.

Through this modelling, we can generate traces of patterns that reveal hidden dynamics and relationships, which are too complex to process through verbal discourse alone. This part of the process is mostly non-verbal, so you are not required to share personal information.

Return back to common ground and do sensemaking individually and between participants