Contracting and more

Hi all,

We are already a few weeks into the scoping process related to the Contracting task, and this is my first post, in the capacity of coordinator. Please stay tuned for more!

If you are interested in this topic, why not jumping straight into it, learn and/or help. We are doing everything we can to make the work highly transparent (unlimited access to information) and open (accessible to contribute).

This thread (and perhaps others in this category) will serve for broadcasting important milestones. We can also use it to engage in discussions, but I strongly suggest you to do that right where the work is done.
The Google Doc is the place where the work is done collaboratively. Anyone can comment, edit access is immediately granted on demand to al participants in this Forum.

Anyone can contribute, just ask permission to edit the Google Doc. Currently this work is heavily socialized within the Sensorica network and most participants come from there and from satellite organizations. You can even record your contributions to be recognized later as an author of reports, gain responsibility during the process or even for a small financial compensation :slight_smile: Ping me for that… we use Sensorica’s NRP-CAS for that, to provide an opportunity for this community to experience the OVN model and tools -cross pollination.

@MDEE is heavily involved, hi can also answer your questions
@max_w is regularly updated
@schutton knows everything
@BarbaraSchack can solve all your problems


Hello all,

Thank you Tibi for this email and please feel free to contact me about any request (@MDEE) - I am available on Sensorica discord and by email.

Hello :wave:t4: welcome and lovely to make your acquaintance! I am on Discord as well @Sarah Hutton#5700

Hello Tibi - thanks for sharing this. I also saw that you tagged me in some comments in the Google doc - apologies for not having responded sooner on that, I’m very busy at the moment and haven’t had the headspace to engage with the document and make sense of it. If it would be helpful I’d be very happy to arrange a call so we can talk through it and I can give my input?

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It’s really motivating to see the work starting! I’ve pinged some of the IOPA community members directly in the googledoc and on slack for their contributions. Also have added a link to the post @AnnaSera made on how a standard on contracting could pull from experience from supply chains and incoterms: Roles in Distributed Manufacturing | by Anna Sera Lowe | Internet of Production Alliance | Medium.

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