Connecting electronics bits

I’ve noticed that most electronics makers end up with a bunch of incompatible boards.

The closest thing to a ‘standard’ is the Feather footprint & Qwiic.

There are also a bunch of other systems M5stack, Mikroe click, , Breakout garden, MicroMod

So I made a board that attempts to connect these systems, hopefully reducing electronics waste.

Feather-Bit/v1 at main · rosmo-robot/Feather-Bit · GitHub.

The board isn’t beautiful but I hope it might kinda work. CERN-OHL-P licenced in Kicad6

Being mindful of my XKCD

I’m reluctant to call the footprint a ‘standard’ but I do hope some other people might use it to make daughterboards

A Micromod > Feather footprint would kinda complete the picture.