Community Call on Open Electronics Design-Data - Feb 8th 23 - Recording available

Hello all,

During the last community call, @AlexKimber and I had a fantastic discussion on the Open Electronics Design-Data research. This research was conducted by @kaspar, @AlexKimber, @shrouk, @JonSomerscales, @Kenza. The topics covered during the call included standardising a bill of materials format, establishing a database of component names, incorporating re-usable sub-circuits, and implementing design rule checks for repairability.

The next steps for the initiative were also outlined, including prototyping and seeking community feedback.

For those who attended the call, thank you for your active participation! And for those who missed the call, a recording has been uploaded to the IoPA YouTube channel and as an episode on the IOP Conversations podcast for your convenience. It will be available as a podcast episode within the next couple of days!

Do share your thoughts, questions, comments in reaction to the call in this thread. To keep the conversation going more broadly, we invite you to participate right here in the forum in the Electronic Components section.


I’m currently following some threads for open ‘modules’ that might help electronics to be more accessible. There are two threads, adopting two ‘de-facto’ standards.

For my part, I’m developing an open hardware educational robot based on components in these ‘standards’. Once that’s functional I’ll work on getting a truly open hardware CoreV in the Micromod footprint

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