Change maturity levels from "1, 2, 3" to "A, B, C"

Current wording

Maturity Level Description
Level 1:
Discoverable Know-How Allows know-how to be discovered, indexed and linked to using meta-data about the thing and the location of know-how.
Level 2:
Portable Know-How Provides a format and structure for know-how so that it is represented in a consistent format and can be easily moved between platforms.
Level 3:
Distributed Know-How Supports interoperability, creation and aggregation of know-how about a thing by different designers and makers without centralised control of the know-how.



I suggest “A, B, C” for the levels.


The numbers can easily be confused with the release versions.

Seems reasonable, as we’re expecting maturity level to be a small and finite set. I expect it will grow beyond the three listed, but that’s a ways off, if we’re lucky enough to get there. So yeah, +1 to this proposal.

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I would suggest that we could also use the existing labels (Discoverable, Portable, Distributed) without numbering/lettering of each level. I understand that the numbers / letters imply a hierarchy of levels which will be lost if they are removed, but the text below this table states that:

The intent behind the maturity model as presented is that the more of the recommended and permissive aspects of this specification that are adopted, the more open the know-how becomes

So the intent seems to be more in terms of levels of openness rather than a “hierarchy of standards” as such.

Listing them as a hierarchy also implies that each of these levels has some kind of hard dependency on the preceding one. IMO, in priciple at least, you can have a way of describing/packaging know-how for portability without it being discoverable—i.e if I had access to the files on platform A then there could be a specification for moving a project’s files from platform A to platform B without the existence of a specification for making the files on either platfom discoverable (in the sense of crawling/indexing). We are, of course, aiming to make the portability, interactivity and discoverability specs “interoperable” (e.g. in the sense that any metadata required by each of these specs is standardised) but I don’t see these as necessarily in a hierarchy.

Ok, let’s move this and attendant “about this” type content out of the standards document into a separate document

As discussed on OKH WG call. Let’s make a new proposal with a more fleshed out update of this section.