Are there public manifests for projects on

This question is for people involved in these projects. I see that some (but not all?) projects are included on I was wondering if there is a public source of OKH compliant manifests that we can include in

This is where the TOML manifests are maintained (manually):

and this is where the crawled TOML and the RDF/Turtle files converted from them can be found:

(this repo contains all LOSH data. its what runs on)

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Great, thanks for that. Was there ever any effort to auto-generate manifests from OHO directly?

hmmm… now that you ask… I remember that yes, I looked into that … don;t remember more then that though…
I probably abandonned it for one reason or the other; I will check if I can find a script somewhere, but don;t hold your breath.

I guess I was hoping for something built into OHO rather than a scraping script. Maybe we should set up a meet to discuss with the creator of OHO?

I found what I had in mind. It does not create OKH manifests though, it extracts the projects form OHO into git repos (without okh.toml). Could maybe used as basis for a scraper of OKH too … if that is possible at all.

the scraper&converter:

its output:

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OHO is mostly indexed DIY projects, quite far from OSH as we think of it.
The exception are the projects scraped by this tool. These projects are ones that Dietrich (the creator of OHO) payed people to do, as in: he found interesting DIY projects, and payed people to create decent documentation (I think it was also funded in part, maybe a big part). Given that they did a lot of work for each of these projects, I think it would make most sense to ask to also include manually created OKH files for each of them (in the future).

If you are thinking about the other projects (DIY): I don’t know if it makes sense trying to create OKH files for them, as not info would be available about them, including often the license and licensor, and even if they are available, it is often unclear how reliable that info is, or how much of the docu/content is really covered by it, and the content/docu is in most cases not enough to reproduce the thing.