About the Open Know-How Channel

This is a channel for discussions related to the development and use of the IOPA Open Know-How (OKH) Specification, including use cases, R&D requests related to usability or tooling, and change requests to the specification itself.

Please add any topics to this main category that are related to the OKH standard, such as:

  • Generating OKH manifests using the current form, and improvements that could be made
  • Discoverability of OKH manifests, open project design files, and related projects
  • Using the specification, including specific use cases

If you have any proposals for improving or changing the specification itself, please post the topic to the OKH Change Proposal subcategory.

Ongoing discussions of the Open Know How Initiative Group are available for community review in the Open Know How Rolling Meeting notes document (framapad).

(OKH Specification link is broken)

Thanks for the ping on that one @mariha! The link has been updated. :+1:t6:

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